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And, apparently every professional painter knows this about Sherwin-Williams!!!!!! True Cheri, we tell clients that because the base is different, it's impossible for the formula to come out the same when using a different brand. Also, it's smart to keep paint cans, or at least the label. That way you have the sheen satin, eggshell etc , the type paint, etc. My painter wants to paint my exterior with Sherwin Williams resilience and I currently have Benjamin Moore duxbury grey now questioning the ability to properly color match.

He said it's not a problem and does it all the time. I have yet to experience a color match between different brands and I've used them all. Each manufacturer has their own formula for their bases otherwise why bother to have so many paint manufacturers that makes their colors their own.

Some bases may have more blue or yellow, etc in them than another manufacturer which changes the color that you truly want. Your painter is telling you this because he is dealing with that particular paint store and probably is getting a discount on the paint, which he is not passing onto you, and he has an account set up. It's all for his convenience and not for what you really want. Also, if you are trying to match some existing exterior paint that is staying on the exterior, weather conditions will have changed that color to some extent so even if you go with the same brand it still may not properly match so that would be two strikes before you even begin to paint.

Tell the painter that you will pick up the BM paint yourself. And when you do, mention to the salesperson that your painter doesn't use BM brand but you insisted that you wanted to use it and are wondering if you could get the contractors discounted price. I've found that they will usually give me some discount.

And if your painter is not willing to work with you on this, you will just have to decide what is more important Since he is saying that it will match, tell him to get a SW qt of it or do it yourself and paint a sample area onto your exterior. Then you can really see how well it matches. I'd also go talk to BM about your peeling and chalking and see what they have to say about it as you may find it is a non-issue with their current paint. Every painter I've talked to and hired are partial to a particular brand and will come up with some type of reason to why you should use the brand they want you to but the majority of the time after I've done my own research, I find that there is not justification to what they tell me.

I just had interior rooms painted where I used 2 different brands of paint as those brands had the perfect colors and why bother messing with trying to match. Neither brand the painter used and he gave me a bunch of "reasons" as to why SW his preferred brand was better. Come to find out through my own research, he had bad credit with the paint stores and couldn't get credit to charge the paint on except the SW store. I had him requote it with me purchasing the paint. You are welcome.

One other thing. It sounds like your project may be more than 5 gallons. Ask the painter if he is purchasing the paint in 5 gallon containers rather than 1 gallon. Price runs the same as if you purchased 5 one gallons. Or at the very least, he should blend 5 one gallons into a 5 gallon container. It's weird but I've had that happen. Good luck with your project. I am a general painting contractor I'm Maine. Both commercial and residential.

I solely use Ben Moore paints and stains for cost and matching. Premierpaintr yahoo. I used to just go to the specific store for the specific paint color, but now I usually just go to Lowes or Home Depot and have them match it. They do a great job. It's true going to BM for BM color you know it will be the exact color, but sometimes I just need to save some money. I use to color match with HD but found that it still can vary from the original brand color and very difficult down the road to rematch that HD gallon if I needed to get another gallon to match.

Especially if HD changes their formula just a bit. So interesting you've all had a good experience with BM color matching others. I've been into BM twice trying to get a match to a Behr color sample, codes, and swatch with no luck. Theirs keeps coming out darker and muddier? The answer is yes and no. Specifically between BenM and SW , colors that belong to the yellow hue family typically cross between these two brands rather well. T he near neutrals people like to categorize as "gray" and "greige" as well as colors of white can be a different story.

There is more than one way to mix the same color. In other words, there is more than one combination of colorants that will result in colors with reflectance curves that are so similar that it's impossible for anyone with above-average color vision to tell that the paint color formulas were not identical.

It's all figured out using color measurements color DNA. People get waaaaayyyy too wrapped around the axel of bases and colorants. The only thing that matters is what the color looks like when it's dry - the actual formula is completely irrelevant. It's actually very simple and straightforward - either a color can be made using some combination of a brands base s and colorants or it can't. The only way YOU can know if YOUR color is possible in a different brand is to get a sample or quart mixed and measure it and look at it. It's and no one, especially color professionals, should be struggling with this question or debating whether it can or can't be done.

If you're a color pro, you should own a Color Muse and you should be measuring the matches for accuracy. If the match between the chip and the custom mix is greater than a Delta E of 0. A Delta E of 0. If the store is not able to successfully match another brands color by meeting a reasonable Delta E standard, you're not obligated to buy the paint.

At that point, you can choose to accept the match for what it is or go buy the color in its home paint brand. Anybody can buy a Color Muse on Amazon.

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The Color Muse app is free. The steps to follow are simple. They may be slightly different depending the device you're using. Connect your device. Choose "Inspect" in the lower left triangle icon 3. Tap "Options" select the "d65 Lab" color space. Tap "options" again to close. Scan your target, control paint chip in the first panel 5. Scan a dry drawdown of the custom mixed match in the second panel. The Delta E window should be green indicating a color match. Here's what it looks like. I just had Laura Ashley Gold 4 color matched for a forum friend the other day.

PaintHunter, Ok. You asked. The RGB color space has nothing to do with paint colors. If you switched your platform to LCh and CIELAB values it would use the same template of color data values as paint color formulas and hand-held colorimeters - so the numbers would actually mean something and be useful.

RGB values and various formats of the RGB color space, like HSB, do not have a dimension of lightness which is why it's meaningless in terms of arch coatings, 3-d built environ and human vision; the RGB color space is applicable to graphics like Photoshop and printing but not the built environment. However, I might include hex codes just because designers use hex codes to make paint blobs for mood boards and presentations.

In order to be legit, you need to qualify how the values were captured, how the colors were measured. D65 illuminant, 2 degree observer, benchtop spectro and brand, etc. I had the same problem with BM Simply White! After seeing this color throughout a parade home last year, I had my heart set on it. It showed as a beautiful pure, but not stark, white in that home.

When my contractor asked for my color selections he asked if it was OK to color match to SW. I said "no problem," as I had done this many times before with other colors. I never dreamed it could turn out as badly as it did. To me the SW version of Simply White looks like buttered popcorn and in some lights it appears to be a greenish yellow. So now I'm paying the "dumb tax" with this mistake, big time.

Today I have someone repainting every ceiling in my house, and this weekend I'll be repainting every wall in the entire house - all at my expense. The cabinet in the below photo is painted BM White Dove. The walls are the SW-mixed Simply White. Simply White is supposed to be a brighter white than White Dove. I appreciate they used BM which is a much better paint in terms of quality, but once they put the paint on the wall, it showed a lot more green than my original sample color I got from SW.

In my case, it makes a big difference. Need help with an existing Houzz order? Call By continuing to browse this site or use this app, I agree the Houzz group may use cookies and similar technologies to improve its products and services, serve me relevant content and to personalise my experience. Learn more.

Sign In. Area Rugs by Hue. Summer Outdoor Favorites. Lighting for Every Room. Design Dilemma. Email Save Comment 66 Like 6. Comments 66 See 16 more comments. Modern Rustic Homes. It is all done by computer optics and refraction. Colour Magic. RE: comment made by the design group : "The only caution here is that since it is purchased from a big box store you have to beware that the machine mixing the paint aren't always "clean".

I go early in the morning when the machines haven't been used much to ensure I don't get traces of someone else's pigment in my paint. Whether I go to a paint store or a big box store, they all mix the same way and no one puts paint into a mixing machine that would allow contamination from prior use. Everyone that I have seen from SW, BM, Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, etc all select the correct base for the color they are mixing; then open and slide the can under the pigment dispersing machine; and type in the desired color code. Visit West Elm at www. Matters of consumer privacy and rights are paramount to our brands and we will continue to work diligently to make our products available to you.

The pace of global regulations is hard to predict, but we have the ultimate goal of being able to offer our products everywhere. We share your disappointment and greatly appreciate your understanding. Scott- Aura is the type of paint where you can choose any sheen and it is just as durable. If you like less sheen the matte finish is nice.

Now if you go with any other line of Benjamin Moore, like Regal, Ben or natura, I would suggest an eggshell finish. So-Aura every sheen is durable and washable and other lines the eggshell is. Any more sheen than eggshell will be an overkill and pretty glossy. I use the flat, and YES.. I know, because I painted a hallway and was surprised how much sheen it had the next day. I called the paint store, they told me to relax and wait.. And touch ups are simply fantastic.. I will have to get used to it!

It almost has no reflection! So durable. I hope the acrylic stuff lasts just as long!! Just finished the whole house and it looks great. Used the Aura paint with eggshell finish for the walls and Aura semi-gloss white enamel for the trim. Easy to use and I am very happy with the results.

The staff at our local BM store is terrific. Real professionals ready to help and answer questions. What a headache. Ben Moore is definitely worth the money in color and paint quality. I believe it was developed to dry faster and be more durable, not really as a low VOC. They have a new Natura brand that is 0 VOC. I am one of those hands-on architects and I have been using BM for over 10years, and have tried all their lines. I have to say that for ish dollars a gallon, retail, where I work, the Regal is not that great, and for ish the Aura is actually quite bad.

Although used mostly for commercial applications, it is actually suitable for residential work, and performs quite comparably to Regal. It may not be perfect, but it again comes back to value…. I cannot wipe the walls eventhough they claim you can bc it leaves a sheen the rep said that is called polishing and it happens with every paint. I am afraid to go with CR again…which paint is good and withstand steam in a bathroom and is also good enough where you can wipe marks off it without leaving a shiny sheen?

So it saves you time and in the end that is the same price you would be spending on 2 gallons of any other kind of paint if not more! It is a little harder to work with because it is obviously thicker but its really all about your painting skills and technique when it comes to using this. I tried to go to another hardware store to have a BM sample mixed, thinking I could save money. They could not get the match right! Three tries later they convinced me that it was the same.

I took it home, put it up next to the original BM color swatch, and it was different. My foyer looks amazing and I get compliments all the time. The guy at BM was so helpful, told me not to use the base coat that BM recommends, but to pick something very close to the Champagne Dreams color or else I would be frustrated with lap marks. I definitely plan to use it again in a different color, maybe on a ceiling in a dark room to give it some cool shine…. Beautiful colors renditions and depth. Not hallway, not stairway etc. Bedroom with furniture between you and walls is ok.

Just did my LR, DR, hall etc. Use the eggshell finish. Similar look but not as sensitive. I have all my walls painted in Aura in a sq ft home, including the bathrooms I used Spa on the ceiling. All in matte finish. I personally hate anything with a higher sheen than matte. Aura is a superior product and is worth the money.

It sounds like your paint company ripped you off. Aura is truly superior. If one is seeking a product that is almost as good as Aura, but more cost effective, I usually go with a Pittsburgh Paint called Manor Hall. Letting your cuts dry with this paint is a mistake! Keep a wet edge! Or go with Aura. Color s , application and coverage are critical to a grumpy painter like me, BM does make a difference. They know it will save them time, effort and satisfy their customers, enabling them to be more productive and profitable.

I do not recommend it at all. Guys, I have done a lot of painting over the past 45 years. My tips for painting are as follows:. Always use a primer. It is worth the extra step to always apply at least one coat of primer. If you use Aura, you can skip this. Only use Aura if you follow the directions on how to apply it — you will need different techinque and different equipment. Never use Valspar Ceiling paint. That stuff absolutely sucks. The best ceiling paint is BM Mercusco.

The house in only ! We did it all in less than 5 gallons, including re-painting where the drywall guys had to repair where the plumber came back and ripped a hole in a recently-finished room. That is 3 bedrooms, the living room and the interior of 4 closets, in less than 5 gallons. We put two coats in the high-traffic areas, to make sure the walls could withstand a good scrub, and most of the rest: one coat gorgeous over white paint.

Again, when I hear folks complain about this paint, my first thought it: read the directions and pay attention. Just keep going. That is dead wrong. The cost is included in the paint. Benjamin Moore makes a great paint but their stores are independently owned. That store is ripping you off. Benjamin Moore takes these things very seriously and if you call them directly, they will deal with that store.

Hands down Aura is the best paint I have ever used. Plus it never needs more thatn 2 coats even is reds. Speaking of reds, we will do draw downs of reds like from R. L and it takes us 4 to 5 coats to get a good reading. You get what you pay for. It is a covering just like flooring and fabric. Would you go cheap with that? Lots of differing opinions here about Benjamin Moore and the many different paints they sell.

What makes Aura so great? I personally like the way the paint levels and goes on thin yet with opacity, eliminating the orange peel effect you get with paints with a lot of filler in them. I like to cut in a room and then roll the walls to avoid any issues with rolling over a cut line that is partially dried lifts the paint and is unsightly. When painting trim do not brush back into an area that is drying, and do not apply too heavily.

If you have experience painting or have patience and skill and can afford to buy the best brushes then Aura paint applied correctly will give the best look out there. The colors are more vibrant and the coating is thin but with good coverage. Every experienced painter I know loves this paint. For me it seems extreme, but the paint was used because the homeowner is chemically sensitive and it was like painting with water.

No smell, not that water based paints ever bothered me anyway, and the homeowner was very pleased. I must say the Natura paint does not perform as good as the Regal or Aura line. The coverage is weak, the paint splatters like crazy, the flat is not flat, and it can be tough to get an even sheen on the coating. Enough said, Benjamin Moore makes a great product, unfortunately we have to pay the price of the monopoly they have created.

The hype is true, the Aura paint is great, but the price is painful. Anyone know of a comparable paint at a more reasonable price? Anyone have experience with it?

Thank you for your quote request!

I have used Benjamin Moore paint for 15 years. I have it in my house and the last time I painted was about 9 years ago. With the exception of moving furniture and nicking the walls, I have had no need for touch ups. They offer classic colors to trendy colors. Overall durability is worth the higher end price.

I used Sherwin Williams which is great as well, but I feel that BM cleans better especially when you have kids. I stay away from the paints at Home Depot and Lowes, only because you get what you pay for…Good Luck to all the painters out there. I stumbled over this blog looking for something else and found some negative comments to be very misleading. First of all, Aura is everything its hyped to be and then some. If you read where someone has a problem with it, they just dont know how to apply it. It is very different from regular paint. Yes, it dries fast, but if you follow the directions, this doesnt cause any problems.

The Paint Can is an authorized Benjamin Moore retailer.

I am a professional painter and will use Aura on as many jobs as possible. I have actually been able to book more jobs per week because the paint dries fast and touches up like nothing else. I can tell you that no other paint company offers a product like Aura.

Jimmy Crews — I have to totally agree with you on this. The wonderful employee at the store told me exactly how to use it fast drying, cut edges first, etc and I started off with a red in my dining room. So for the amount of money I paid for my BM Aura and only had to apply one coat why on earth would I spend the same amount of money on 2 gallons of..

I have heard many good things about BM paint for years and know that I have used it I have to say I can totally see why!! Benjamin Moore is a big waste of money. You can get Glidden, which is totally decent, for less than half the price. And you can have any color you want. Bring in a piece of tile, an old paint chip, a fine art catalog: Home Depot can analyze and formulate any color you want.

If you want to splurge, buy a high end roller. It will save you much effort and perhaps even a second coat.

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John Williams- Glidden is the cheapest, worst cover, most flashy, worst smelling, over-all worst home owners paint on the market. Just invest the money the first time and save yourself a huge headache, I promise. Shawn- your response to John Williams could have been written by me. Glidden is the worst paint I have ever used. My wife got a headache from the obnoxious fumes when I used it to paint a room in my old house.

The color selection does not come anything close to that of BM paints. I had the exterior of my home painted with BM 5 years ago. The color was Toasted Coconut which was mixed by BM. House was primed with BM Masonry Sealer.

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After two years the color started changing going from tan to pink. The change got progressively worse for the next three years until the whole outside was very pink. I contacted BM and they came out and saw what had happened. They said they had never seen anything like this previously but in talking to other people who have used BM products apparently color change is not that uncommon. My houseis presently being painted with benjamin moore. Paint is fading and also had faded last time it was painted. Goes from green to blue. I am thoroughly disgusted. Please advise.

Am upset enough to hire Atty. Thank you for quick reply. I painted two closets in my apt. My apt. There are many other accounts of this problem online; there was a recall on this paint in July , but my can is from another batch and still had this horrible odor. My contractor was shocked at the price. Now I wonder if I should change to other brands for my living room. He painted two coats on top one coat of primer on new drywall.

I love how the Simply White turns out. I have some dark painted walls that I needed to wash.. I just read all your posts more closely, even though my question comes down to individual choice, I am convinced that I should continue to use BM Aura. I should ask him to try one coat next time, to see if the wall is sufficiently covered. I recently learned from a Benj. Moore rep that the pints of Benjamin Moore use inferior paint, so they can sell it cheaply for color sampling. Unfortunately, I found out the hard way.

I bought a couple of sample pints of BM paint and put it on the a few spots on my wall over the Behr paint to see how the colors would look in sunlight, daylight, etc. While they paint looked fine at first, when I went to paint the wall I discover that the BM paint peeled right off in big strips. Based on talking to BM there was no compatibility issue. It was suggested that the walls were not properly prepped, but when I tried other brands of paint there was no peeling issue.

Only the Benjamin Moore paint in the sample pints peeled. Bottom line is — Benjamin Moore paint is not worth a premium price. I recommend Behr. Uh… Behr and Valspar are the worst paints ever. To people of course who believe in quality and are attempting to be somewhat green. Unfortunately you have to spend a little green for it. Have fun!! My dad has been a professional painter for 36 years and i have been working for him for over For what it is, it is quite heavily overpriced.

C2 paint kills Aura in every way possible — it really is a far superior paint. I also enjoy when a client asks me to use Farrow and Ball, another vastly superior paint to BM. When you pay for BM you are paying for hefty operating costs…. I love the Aura paint. I never believe in one coat of paint though but to each their own. C2 is also fantastic paint for interiors, with a wider range of colours— especially brighter and more vibrant yellows— due to their colour tint input system which mirrors the European paint industry.

North American paint companies have at maximum twelve input colours. Obviously non-flat paints mark less easily, so unless you love scrubbing your walls clean ten times a day, choose a practical sheen over a cosmetic one when necessary. Benjamin more marketing strategy is going to put them out of business. I have seen the top of the heap go bankrupt mainly because of greed. I have been painting for 30 years and use Behr paint but I was losing jobs because everyone wanted Benjamin Moore.

I respectfully disagree with Peter Painter. It is worth every penny — sorry. You will spend three times the cost using Ralph Lauren paint because you need that much to do the job. Other colors may be fine. They both matched perfectly the paint job done 10 years previously. And that was with a property west facing direct sunset and covering a dark green glazed paint. Let me tell you as an addendum — the Benjamin Moore paint used — was the original interior paint.

And there was no one that influenced me. So far I am more than happy how the paint holds up, and I have three dogs. The man at the paint store told that that it would be a better deal that getting tinted primer and the normal Regal Satin. I was skeptical, but I decided to try it anyway. I am glad I took the suggestion from the man at the paint store. I was covering up dingy tannish brown by Sherwin Williams that was used throughout the house by the developer. Every room that I have painted so far required two coats.

Not with the Aura. One coat was all I needed. I almost brought Glidden, but after a disaster with Martha Stewart paint the worst paint I have ever used I went back to Benjamin Moore. Yes, it cost more than the BM Regal Satin, but I did not have to use a primer I had to use a primer on all my other rooms to completely cover this color and in only one coat I was done. I did not have any of the problems that other people have mentioned. You need to paint using straight up and down strokes.


Other people have mentioned Behr on this board. My experience with Behr was horrible. I painted a burnt orange color over a white wall. The wall soaked up the Behr paint like a sponge. I had to use two coats. There were streaks that I never got when using Benjamin Moore. Has anyone ever tried the BM Aura exterior paint? Thank you for your advice!

Here we go again: paint choice seems to be such a personal decision! One person loves it, the next hates it. When Ben Moore offered their samples free this past spring, I got some to use on furniture. I loved the coverage and sheen. But, since I am in this remote rural area, a retailer is not close to me.

I stopped at a store that carried it when I was in a larger city. I wonder if they hold sales often like other premium paint stores such as Sherwin Williams? I will cough up a few extra to get a better result. Also all the interior designers swear by it. Absolutely love Aura. Did our living room and dining room a year ago and turned out great. Yes, application is different. Cut the entire room first. After an hour, roll the walls. As you roll, do not backroll if its been a couple minutes since you applied an area; it will lift the paint off the wall. If you missed a spot, or went on thin, leave it and either cover in with second coat or touch up will blend seamlessly.

You will lift off the cut in paint. As it dried, it looked like we had areas that went on too thin, but after it dried, it was flawless. And yes, it took two coats. This paint is amazing. No primer. It dries quick and levelling is awesome. Little imperfections in the wall were gone as it filled them in and dried level.

This is by far superior. Plus, everytime I wash the walls with these paints, the color comes off on the rags.

Our bedroom was painted 5 years ago and the wall already has wear-through spots. The thing to remember about paints is the fillers. We are currently doing our downstairs bathroom and decided to try the Regal. The BM rep recommended using Regal as a primer to cover the drywall patches first, then 2 finishing coats. In all honesty, there are cheaper paints. But I am one of those who believes you get what you pay for. I used B. Aura semi-gloss. I ended up bringing it back. I primed a wood door it dried for one week. I destroyed this beautiful wood door with the Aura paint. I used an extremely good brush; yet, I could see brush strokes all over.

Aura is terrible. I was rolling it on over slight texture, but whereas I normally would do minimum two coats and most likely 3 for total lack of roller shadows, this truly covered in one coat! Totally SOLD on it. BTW, I used the eggshell finish and it cleans like a dream. On the OTHER hand, after being so impressed with Aura for my walls, when I used the white semi-gloss for trim work, I found it dried too quickly and did not flow out or leave as nice a finish as others, though I am in the process of doing some now and want to try adding their extender to see if that helps.

It did, however, leave a nice hard finish…but found I needed two coats vs the one on the walls. I have used Aura matte to paint the walls and ceiling of my kitchen and walls of stairs and hallways. I will be using it in my living room. It is by far the best paint I have ever used. The matte finish does an incredible job of helping to hide minor wall imperfections. Significantly the matte color is scrubbable most flat or matte finishes from other companies are not.

This makes Aura matte very attractive for use in a kitchen, particulalry ceilings.

Benjamin Moore Paint Review

Also, I have never used another product that blends touchups as well as Aura. Days and weeks after the original finish is done you can touch up spots and they will blend invisibly after drying. As others have mentioned you must adapt your painting techniques for this product.

There are probably better suited specialty trim paints BM makes some. Having said that, I did use Aura eggshell to paint some crown moulding in my kitchen project and the results were excellent. Ive been using the Aura paint since it became available, I live in a large sq ft home and have pretty much painted the entire home using only BM paints, the original paint the builder used 10 years ago was a flat, dull builders paint. This is very true as I find the aura could make any bad painter look good! Keep in mind painting is all about the prep, if you just start slinging paint with out properly prepping, taping, cleaning the surface your going to get a poor job.

One trick I picked up at the paint store while talking to a professional painter was to ask for an extender to be put into the aura paint. This extender keeps the aura wet longer and extends the drying time. The sleeves are only 5 bucks so I just use them once and throw them away after one coat. The extender combined with the roller trick has given me the perfect finish I have always wanted. My current project is the painting of my shop, office and and hallway and bathroom in my basement.

I was surprised with the Ben line. It requires a little more care in application than the aura line, but all in all it went on and looks great. I used the Dijion colour in the BEN, I always use 2 coats with aura, I used 2 with Ben as well, keeping in mind some of my project consisted of fresh drywall and mud. The first coat over the fresh drywall and mud looked terrible, th second coat dried to a perfect finish. Like everything, all companies make a decent top end product, but I was more than happy with the BM mid level and entry level paints.

With the cost of the Aura now around 70 bucks a gallon, and the regal around 50ish, many will go with the regal. I am a painting contractor. Ask ten painting contractors and they will all give you different opinions on the same product. In my own company there is a division between the Sherwin Williams camp and the Benjamin Moore lineup.

The general consensus is there does exist a positive correlation between product cost and quality of paint…. Like almost everything else in this world, you get what you pay for. And as a finish carpenter who also paints his own work, I can attest to the fact that Benjamin Moore trim paint will make your moudlings look like they are made from porcelain! The rooms I painted 10 years ago still look like they were just painted yesterday. Yep, BM paint is worth the money. Thanks for putting this up!

I have been sold on BM products since I painted our second home 27 years ago. The BM retailer made us a new batch and it matched perfectly. All was done in one coat! We also painted the office a deep burgandy and it covered in one coat with just a few touchups. He said to just touch it up — yeah, with 3 kids under 4!

But when I did touch up, it matched. After 10 years we repainted most of the house for asthetic reasons. I went with BM Regal again in eggshell and loved it. In fact when we sold that house 6 years later, I was able to touch up the picture hanger holes and few scuffs with a sponge brush and it looked brand-new!

At that time, I also took a chance and touched up the original 16 year old paint in the dining room that was a deep red that hinted to rust. My buyer is still enjoying that dining room today 19 years after it was originally painted! Benjamin Moore has the best product quality and color selection of any other brand. I will not paint with any other brand unless my client insists on something else.

The Aura line is great, probably the best paint that I have ever applied on interior walls. It always amazes me how that paint hides the imperfections. It does dry quickly. Do ALL your brush work first. It kills me when people tell me that Benjamin Moore is too expensive. There are a lot of contractors out there that love to use cheap paint just so they can drive up their labor costs…think about it.

I have never had a repeat customer ask me to switch to another product after using Benjamin Moore on a previous project…. It just depends what level sheen you desire. Generally the higher the sheen the more durable and scrubbable the paint. The Aura Satin is very shiny, some like it that way. Prepping your kitchen ceiling and walls is critical. Wash surfaces with TSP or equivalent. This will not only clean the surfaces well, but will also lightly etch them for better adhesion very important when painting over glossy surfaces.

Good luck. This overpriced product has lots of spatter, poor coverage, very low hideability. I used Cloverdale for my cedar exterior and was very impressed but was swayed by all the b. Never Again! I like the look of hi gloss trim…should I sand the oil based primer painting over dark varnish that has been lightly sanded? Do I need to sand between coats of paint? Someone mentioned an extender, that could help with my ability to get the paint on and not brush over partially dryed area…. I enjoy reading all the articles and comments, thank you.

Now if I could just make up my mind…. Great blog; I can only get better from your information, prepping experience, and starting small. I started with BM 18 years ago: Linen White eggshell throughout large house with one contrasting color. This totally frustrated me but I had just paid for a big job and had to deal with it. Nine years ago I moved on to SW, switched to deep color tones.

Now about to paint for 3rd time in 18 years due to kitchen redo. This time I want to do the painting myself to save labor and try BM Aura practicing first on old kitchen cabinet doors and walls OR try C2 broad spectrum paints in sky and earth tone palette. Any thoughts on C2 paint btw? I will ask for contractors discount. I want this interior palette of BM or C2 to last for a long time and know that after prep, paint is too expensive but what are you going to do? Thank you for your comment: mired in bath plumbing, paint has ranked lower temporarily.

The colors were all deeply saturated blues and purples. What a disaster!