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The Hoover models are lightweight and compact and therefore easy to store. The durable devices are easy to use with a strong performance that will give your dust bunnies a run for their money. Tackling all surfaces seamlessly, the high standard hoovers prove to be thorough cleaning machines. The versatile Shark vacuums work just as well for quick clean ups as they do for those deeper cleans.

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Sleek, powerful and very in demand — if you can afford to bump your budget up a notch a Dyson vacuum is one of the best possible options. It also means Dyson deals are in short supply. ESBest product reviews are unbiased, independent advice you can trust.

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Cleaning can be a bore, but with the right equipment it shouldn't be a drag. Get your hands on one of our energy efficient, robust and hard working vacuum cleaners and take the hassle out of the floor-cleaning grind. Depending on your needs you will have different needs for your vacuum. An upright cleaner may be a better choice for someone with pets and lots of floor space, while a handheld is better suited for tricky to get to areas, and cars.

Nowadays battery powered vacuums can be used for a whole house and get your floors crumb free in no time at all. Dyson innovated the vacuum-cleaning world when they introduced their bagless technology, and they haven't stopped there. The Dyson Animal is specifically designed to work over multiple surfaces. For the yearly spring clean, you'll need to go deeper though.

Henry Bagged Cylinder Vacuum, W, 9 Litres, Red: Kitchen & Home

Enhance the whole carpet refreshing process with one of our tough and durable carpet sweepers before giving those precious fibres the deepest clean possible with a top of the range carpet steam cleaners. Your kitchen and utility areas are probably decked in a vinyl or hardwood affair and for that you'll need some top quality floor cleaner and one of our hard working mops. Same Day Delivery Order by 6pm. Terms apply. Home Appliances Vacuum cleaners and carpet cleaners Vacuum cleaners. This brilliant vacuum cleaner from Numatic comes at a very reasonable and affordable price, so it should slide nicely into most price ranges.

While the HarioBrush is narrow and can cause cleaning to take longer, there is a simple solution to the issue, and the attachment itself works wonders for removing pet hair from your home. Read our full detailed review of the Harry Hoover here. The Henry Xtra is one of our top choices in vacuum cleaner, and not just for the low wattage, but also for the amount of power it provides. An excellent choice for any home and situation, you should take some time to read the reviews below.

One of the things that make the Henry Xtra stand out from the rest is the fact that it comes with both and Aero Brush for better cleaning thanks to the rotating brush and also the HarioBrush for homes with pets. As a result, it has been made to tackle just about every household mess — so you are always prepared. This is something that I can really get behind, as between my long walks and my fluffy dog, I end up needing something that can cope with all the dirt and fuzz. It even comes with four dust bags so that you are ready to go as soon as it arrives.

It comes with a complete set of tools, including a dusting brush, crevice tool, and all-purpose nozzle for your stairs and upholstery. Plus, the extension tubes allow you to reach high areas and your ceiling with ease. While it does a great job cleaning the stairs, the hose does not reach the top, which can make it cumbersome and bulky.

This vacuum cleaner is one of the best that Numatic have to offer, and while the price is slightly higher, it still remains very affordable. It may not be able to reach the top of the stairs, but the option to buy extension hoses is there. It comes with a great selection of tools and attachments for you to use, and you are sure to see some fantastic results. Whether you have kids, pets, or just like a thorough clean, this could be the one for you. Read our detailed review of the Henry Xtra here.

James is great if you are looking for a little more power and something robust enough to take on even the toughest tasks. Have a read of the reviews below to see if this is the right choice for you. This cylinder vacuum cleaner comes in a classic yellow, and has a slightly different design to most Numatic vacuum cleaner models. One of the most notable changes is that the cord is store on the top, but externally, with a security guard over the top. I found that this made it much easier to access, and it was less at risk of tangling. It even has the new parking slot on the back for better storage, as well as the new floor head.

The suction power is strong, and you can rest assured that this model will be able to get right up to the edges of each room. Plus, it comes with a range of standard Numatic tools, such as the crevice tool, dusting brush, and the all-purpose nozzle. It also has a massive dust capacity and is much lighter to handle than the other Numatic models.

This James vacuum cleaner from Numatic comes at a budget price, so it should sit comfortably in your price bracket. While it is not great for picking up pet hair and other fibres, it still makes an absolutely superb vacuum cleaner for a range of tasks. With powerful suction and low wattage, it not only saves energy, it also ensures that your floors are kept perfectly clean at all times. Plus, the external cable storage is niftier than you might think.

Read our detailed review of James Hoover here. Hetty is a great choice to make , and while she is very similar to the classic Henry models, there are a few things that she can offer that he cannot. Have a look at the reviews below and see if this is the perfect vacuum cleaner for your home. Think pink powerhouse is perfect for those who want something powerful and with great suction to get their home clean. It is a cylinder vacuum cleaner and uses the new conical hose for better airflow, as well as the new floor head for improved suction.

I have been really impressed with the new wattage Numatic vacuums, and this was no exception. One of the best features it has is the fact that it comes with two hoses, and it left me feeling surprised in the right way. This means that you can reach the top of the stairs with ease, and without the risk of balancing it at the top — something that I was really grateful for.

Additionally, tools like the all-purpose nozzle are there to help make your stair cleaning experience better. It comes with a number of great attachments as well as a large capacity. This vacuum cleaner is an excellent model to go for, and while it may come at a slightly higher price, it is worth every penny. It is true that it is a little heavy and bulky, like most Numatic models, but the wheels on the base mean that you should not feel the weight while you are cleaning, and only when you have to pick it up and take it between rooms.

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It offers excellent suction, power, and the best possible cleaning results for your home. If you are in need of a vacuum cleaner that is smaller and compact than most, this could be just what you need. Numatic has a great range of compact vacuum cleaners, and the HET is one of them. Take some time to read below and see if this is the one for you.

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This cylinder vacuum cleaner is smaller than the classic Numatic vacuum cleaners, and this makes it easier to handle and also much simpler to store away when you are finished using it. It has a great capacity for dirt and debris despite its size, and is also very easy to empty — which is great for those with asthma and allergies. It comes with a good selection of attachments to make cleaning easier for you, including a crevice tool, a dusting brush, and an all-purpose nozzle that is ideal for cleaning the stairs and your upholstery. The compact size also makes it a good choice for cleaning out your car, and you will also be surprised by the amount of power it can produce — I certainly was.